Company history


12 Awarded Grand Prize of Jeonbuk Industrial Innovation Grand Prize (Jeonbuk Techno Park)
  Patent registration of air-flow grinding machine
11 Registered trademark (SOROBIO) No. 40-154717407 Venture company
07 Recognized as venture company (No. 20190401746, August, 2019)
06 Selected as R&D company for commercialization of local companies


12 Selected as an excellent technology development company (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
09 Selected as a partner company by Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Research
07 Selected as R&D company focusing on local areas (Cheonbuk Regional Business Evaluation Team)
06 Received US FDA Certification for Soymilk Powder (MSCERT)
04 Recognized as excellent technology company (Nice D&B Co., Ltd)
  Factory Registration (Venture support building 307, Jeonbuk Techno Park)
03 ISO 22000 Certification (Mar 29, 2018)
02 Recognized as Affiliated Research Institute Certification (Korea Industrial Technology Association, 2018110858, Feb 5, 2018)
01 Registration of food manufacturing business (No. 2018-0485019, Deokjin-gu Office, Jeonju)


11 Registered as a member of Korea International Trade Association (No. 30936915)
10 Signed a technology transfer agreement (Yumiwon Co., Ltd., patent and design of Soymilk maker)
07 Registered as a research institute company (No. 413, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)
06 Signed a tenancy agreement with Jeonbuk Techno Park
05 Paid-in capital increase (in-kind investment and paid-in capital increase up to 68 million won) Capital is 2.68 million won after increase
04 Signed a technology transfer contract (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) Airflow grinding device
03 Entered into Jeonnam Creative Economy Innovation Center


12 Signed a contract for the transfer of patent technology (Yumiwon Co., Ltd. air flow grinding device 100 million won)
08 Established Sorobio Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Kun-soo, capital is 200 million won)